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I had the plan to start building a new track in the winter 2009/2010.
Other hobby's, work and problems with my health did fade away those ambitions.

Another job and improvement in my health pushed up the volume (time and energie) and e few weeks ago I started to building a new track.

My last track was Col Du Darc and for sentimental reasons a few pics:

Photo album of Col Du Darc you can find at:

A few movies from Col du Dar com Youtube.
Spring on Col Du Darc:

Basje (my cat) IN Col du Darc:

Col du Darc on board:

Pro truck on Col du Darc:

Ok enough sentiment and starting collect some idea's for a new project.

Col du Darc was a very hard track to race and you have to maintain your driver skills but others issues can be improved for the new situation.

I made Ten Commandments for my new slottrack project:

The way I fill in my life these days it's not obvious that I lurk the throttle every day.
Also not all friends have many experience in slot racing.
Commandment #1: easy to drive track

For many, many years I love to make scenery. Some of you maybe remember my FOUR Parkzoom tracks.
Commandment #2: opportunities for nice scenery

While other hobby's (photography, cycling, cooking, whisky) also need a part of the budget a small budget is available.
Commandment #3: no new track system and reuse of Scalectrix Sport track, DS Slot power supply ,race timer, stop and go box and reuse of wood if possible.

My loft is still my loft but a new position of the track give a new creative inspiration.
Commandment #4: track on new loft position

I love to connect hobby's together. One example is photography and slotracing but more will be lovely.
Commandment #5: scenery theme of the track has to contain several winks to my other hobby's.

I always love it to share hobby project with others. I enjoy inspiration I become from others and I love it to bring inspiration as well
Commandment #6: this new project must be nice for others as well. Add new idea's, nice photo's and regular updates.

This project can take time as long as it need it. No race club is waiting for delivery. I can put the door behind me and no others are involved.
Commandment #7: time is not an issue. If a great peace of scenery takes more time I will take that time to improve the final result.

I use my loft for a lot of projects like building classic bicycle's and photography but also for storage.
Commandment #8: space under the track must be available for storage

I'm a social guy and I love it to spend time with my friends around the track.
Commandment #9: don't use all the space for a big track but use space for big moments. There must be space for friends as well.

Slotracing is just like all other things in life. It's the most important but also the less important thing you can imagine. Don't let it control your World. You must be the one that use the controller.
Commandment #10: if any of above commandments is an obstacle just be flexible

Next time: the new plan

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Slot Montalcino

Here the idea for my new track. Requirements (see on top) like a connection to my other hobby's (like cycling, cooking and Italia) and scenery opportunities are filled in.
Also a layout that's easy to race and not use all space.

Slot Montalcino is the name for my new track project.
Montalcino is a town in Tuscany on a beautiful mountain with lots of lush vineyards and olive groves. The city has an ancient castle and remains of city walls.

Montalcino is for me the symbol of persevering. When I participate L'Eroica (205km hard historical ride for cyclists) arrived in Montalcino in 2008, I was completely to smithereens. Tutto! And I was just half way but I go on......
The climb to Montalcino was also the starting point of a warm friendship with my Italian friend Luigi and his motley group of friends.
Montalcino is also a culinary gain. Introducing the Brunello di Montalcino has me almost decide to swap the whisky hobby for Tuscan wine.

Other Tuscan specialties you can enjoy are grappa (especially those of Montalcino itself) Pici (which is always freshly made pasta), Tuscan olive oil and smoked bacon and the famous bisteca Fiorentina.
Montalcino has an important role in the political development of Italy. Italy is a relatively young country and an aggregation of many small states.
Montalcino in the 16th century played an important role in the conflict between republicans of Siena and the Medici.
Montalcino is especially great symbolic value when it comes to the feeling of freedom and independence.
This symbolism is annual honoured when flag bearers from Montalcino lead the procession to the Palio (famous horse race) in Siena.
In the city of Montalcino there are remains of the fortifications that remembers that the 15th and 16th centuries could be very noisy.
Another word for castle or fortress in Dutch is slot.
So the name of my new project is a wink:

Slot Montalcino

The track will be an L-shape as the last Parkzoom track. At the tip of the L, the riders both stand for a good overview. Two marshals on the corners
The short section of the L will contain a castle and old city wall.
The long narrow part will contain a vineyard.

Here is the first track design:

a practical translation from the design to real track parts: is nice put a table under it:

At the moment (and this weeks job) I'm working on smooth ramps and climbs. Testing. Adjustments. Testing etc.

When the track is ok in a race point of view I add track borders on the most risky places. Testing again.
If ok then I add track borders on the finish line.
Finish line will be IN the tunnel and also the infrared light bridge will be there.
At that point I will do all the wiring and ad a safety border on the outside of the track.

To be continued......

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Good to see a new track to be build on the place where I got/get my inspiration from. The Parkzoom track was magnificent and now I am planning a new track, I still use that as reference.
About the track, I am not fond of the R1 side swipes. Some cars touch each other there more than you would like. I replaced mine with normal R1 track pieces. Just my opinion

PS If ever considering digital, you might want to take in account room for a single lane pit lane.

Good luck !

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The photos from the old track are outstanding! This looks like another great project to follow - and I like your "commandments" too - probably good for anyone to use.

I'm doing the "old castle and city wall" thing myself - but in an alpine environment. You might want to check out Graham Lane's "Castello" Circuit ( this thread ) which is not only inspirational but from a location standpoint - more relative to what you are planning.

Thanks for sharing your plan and be sure to keep us updated!

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I had seen photos of the previous track, but not the whole thing. Interesting track in a relatively small space. Oh, and I like the disappearing cat trick.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with this one. Once again, it's a deceptively simple track, but I'm sure it's going to be plenty of fun.


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That action photo is incredible, I shall be following this with great interest. Being of the "tons of track and no scenery" school (! - is that a school?
) I get huge amounts of vicarious pleasure out of others' scenery efforts.

(The 10 commandments are great too).

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@all: thnx for your comments

@justdave: did already 3 times the 205 L'Eroica. See Picasa:
And believe me this is one of the biggest challenge for hobby cyclist. But it's also a very inspiring environment.

@ Merc_A: there is space for a marshal. And I have 25 kinds of whisky in house so being a marschal is not a big punish.

Ok that was the small talk let's go to the project.

The hill where the vineyard is ready. Check tomorrow whether he is sturdy enough and then there will be planted vines.

In the middle of the U turn i will make an old city wall. The tunnel portal and the city walls will be made of real stones for a realistic effect.

The track is now "hot" and it can be raced. For optimal racing here and there a track border has to be add. And a border along the outside of the table.
I'm going out to dinner this week and once I have a whisky night............. but this weekend the track is called "race ready"

The Healey Pass under the old citadel. This is also the place where I've made the light trap for the timing system.

Work hard and taking good pics is a very hard. While the scenery is not ready yet I choose for snapshots.
Speed up the work

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QUOTE (GastheerG @ 19 Jan 2011, 08:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>And I have 25 kinds of whisky in house so being a marschal is not a big punish.
I wanna come and play at your house!

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I know it's off-topic, but thanks for the Eroica links - your pix are as good as could be expected! Wasn't the 2010 Giro stage on the strade bianche fantastic? And I love all that retro gear too - what I grew up racing on. I used to live in Rutland (England's smallest county), great cycling country, up and down all the time - and we have our own UCI white roads race now, the Rutland CiCLE Classic.

But back to the slot racing...


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QUOTE (justDave @ 19 Jan 2011, 00:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I know it's off-topic,

Why not this new track project is completely inspired bij L'Eroica. Even the real small bricks for the tunnel en buildings are from Tuscany

QUOTE (justDave @ 19 Jan 2011, 00:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Wasn't the 2010 Giro stage on the strade bianche fantastic? the rain.

QUOTE (justDave @ 19 Jan 2011, 00:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>But back to the slot racing...

Ok and here is some scenery i've planned. Some with a wink to other hobby's
Old city wall
L'Eroica signs
Montalcino signs
Trafic signs
Square with Cyclists at checkpoint
Trees - nice Tuscana cypress
Photographers scene
Rear Facades - bikeshop, trattoria and casa vino
Diorama vintners
Diorama rally accident Ballerini
Diorama espresso car (3 wheels)
Diorama horses

But first I make the track safe so we can race. Track borders and table borders will be add this weekend. Safety first

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Last week the whole week a running nose, coughing, sneezing.
Sweating, thick throat but keep on working. Thursday evening having dinner with a former colleague.
Yesterday evening a whiskymeeting

This morning I feel like a pair of braids after 24 hours of slotracing.

So today not much is done to the new racetrack.

The hill where the vineyard is planned is dry and looks very fine.

Imagine a vineyard behind the car

Or here...

Today I made borders around the right part of the track. Just scraps of MDF.
When I'm done with the sawing i go paint the track and borders and let it naturally overlap.

For today I'm ready

To be continued .......
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