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I've found the posts for my vineyard, 2mm square walnut stock. Perfect. I've also walked across to the vineyard over the road and taken some measurements on height and spacing. Posts will be painted grey to represent concrete and colour-washed to age. The vines themselves will be copper wire flex weathered to a natural dark brown colour, bent and spread then dipped in glue then coloured sawdust before glueing in place. Supporting wires will be silver coloured wire, again weathered to dull it down. Pictures will follow on my thread.

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A quick update:
Finishing track borders.
Paint road surface in primer grey (in a later stadium I made the surface dirty
Testing wiring (power and timer)
Test drive
Fixing the old city wall
Left wall in the tunnel
Do some grass (for me it's TO green )
Drink a nice whisky around the track and did some test shooting:

to be continued........

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Aha! That looks great, I like the wineyard and especially the old Lanz. My grandfather had one of them 1:1. They were produced near my hometown in Mannheim...Looking fwd to see more. Regards Jens

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Love the last three photos. Very moody.

Grass colour is.... lush. Very young grass almost comes up that colour out here. But tends to be patchy amongst darker, older grasses.

I find grass colour is the most difficult thing to get right. Might be one reason why I don't really have any around the track yet.


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It's coming along real nicely.....
Is this track in the same spot as the track where the truck(in the video) is spinning it's wheels?

Jens,is that town where the Mannheim steam roller came from?
That name is one of those ethereal childhood memories!

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Thanks guys!

@4.3 ZOOK: yes this track is in the same room.
The track with the truck on the video was my latest track "Col du Darc"
It was on the south side of the room. The present project is on de west side on de same room.

14 years of history permanent tracks in this room:
Parkzoom: south side / Scalextric Classic
Parkzoom: south side / 4 lane Scalextric Classic
Parkzoom: south side/ retro Scalextric rubber
Rally: south side / Scalextric Classic
Parkzoom II eastside / Scalextric Classic
Parkzoom III eastside / Ninco
Catalunya (rally) eastside Scalextric Classic
Parkzoom (IV) west side Scalextric Sport
Col du Darc (Rally) south side Scalextric Sport
Slot Montalcino - west side Scalextric Sport

No track on the north side so far. There is a door to a balcony.

I'm lucky with my hobby room
Last year a lady's magazine was for a report in my room. The article was about real man cave's:
You recognized Col du Darc. The table in front was just for the photo:

On my new track scenery will be very important and racing will be in gentleman's style.
Classic cars, classic pop music and a nice dram of classic malt.
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