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· Jon Grainger
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Hi Kev,

Thank you for your concerns.

Firstly, I changed my job at the start of the year, and now hold a Design Editor's position, at a medium sized local magazine, all because of the success of SRM. Also, I am still holding my job at the family business.

At the moment, I am compiling the next issue, after this is released, the magazine will close. Next, each subscriber will then be refunded for the issues outstanding.

Thanks again, and hope this is pleasing to all parties,

· Ric Woods
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We at SlotCarMAG are sorry to hear of Slot Racer Magazine's demise. Putting a magazine together is an enormously time-consuming exercise, so we understand Jon's predicament.

Unfortunately, here at SlotCarMAG we have had a number of e-mails from people, enquiring as to when they are going to have their subscription money returned. I must point out that SlotCarMAG has no connection whatsoever with Slot Racer Magazine, and we have never sold the magazine on a subscription basis. I know the number of slot car magazines around might make things a little confusing for some, but please don't ask us for your subscription money! I am sure Jon will sort this matter out as soon as he can.

Finally, we'd like to wish Jon all the success he deserves in his new career.

Ric Woods

Editor - SlotCarMAG
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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