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Slot Racer Magazine Issue 6-Sneak Preview-

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Slot Racer Magazine are pleased to release this sneak preview of the cover, from the up-coming January 2012 issue of the magazine.

In this issue, we review the new MSC Subaru, and NSR Audi R8. Paul Hassall writes for us, with his opinion on the new book 'Digital Slot Car Racing in 1.32 scale'-by Dave Chang. Also! Part 2 of the Maserati 300s build, as well as the second instalment of Scenery Corner, on how you can build your own snowy rally scene!

And finally, the Slot Racer Magazine 2011 Awards. With six categories covering all aspects of our hobby, including the prized 'Slot Car of 2011' winner!

This next issue will be out shortly, we are just finalising the last few articles, and designing the layout of the magazine.

Kind Regards
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Well, who would have thought it? After just 6 issues it is now the "world's best selling slot car magazine". No wonder the cover is suffering from a mass outbreak of exclamation marks. I wonder on what basis you have come to this conclusion Jon?

No doubt you will be announcing your circulation figures on the forum to allow us to test the veracity of this ludicrous claim.
Has issue #6 actually appeared yet?
It took a few attempts to distribute, but I did get my electronic copy around 23 December.
Dare I ask, when is issue #7 due to be released?
O ye of little faith Zarko!
. Hold tight!

Brian-I see from our records, that you are not even a subscriber to the magazine, so I can't see why the release of the next issue would be of any interest to you?
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I wasn't aware of this rule that states you need to be a subscriber to your magazine before you can comment on it. Perhaps you should think of me as a potential customer who is asking some pertinent questions before he parts with his money.

As I have your attention at the moment you may like to provide answers for the following queries:

1) How do you justify the claim to be the world's best selling slot car magazine? What is your circulation and what is the circulation of your competitors? I have already asked this question but you chose to ignore it. If you are unable to back up your claim then I suggest you might consider reading the trades description act.

2) I note you claim to be "editor in chief" - how many sub editors do you have or is this just a grandiose title of little worth?

3) Why are there no printed copies available of issues 5 & 6?

4) Why has your somewhat amateurish website not been updated since issue 4?
You are exceedingly active on this forum - I suggest you might pay a little more attention to your commercial enterprise instead.

5) How do you intend to produce another 4 copies of the magazine before March 2012?
You took subscribers money in March last year on the promise of ten issues per year. You have two chances of fulfilling that promise - fat and no!

6) Do you intend to refund the subscribers who have not received their full entitlement of magazines? I believe there is a criminal offence involving "taking money under false pretence".

I look forward to your comments.
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Why do I get the feeling this is a personal grudge you hold against SMR?

As I recal recently there was an event you was going to take park in but would not as SRM was involved

maybe you should check some of your claims aswell as they are inacurate also

If you have nothing nice or constructive to say then say nothing at all, is something I was always taught
Steady up guys. Let he who casts the first stone...or whatever it is.

I hold no grudge against Jon at all. He's a really nice guy and we built a good friendship at Early Birds last year, but I do think he needs to be careful. We Slot Racers are a pernickity lot and take great stock by criticising, especially the latest slot car releases. I am a little suprised he uses the headline 'THE RALLY GOD hits the stage, how will it fare?'. Jon quite openly declares he is a Jehovah's Witness. If he means the car in the picture then surely he can't describe it as a god, of any kind. And using 'it' to describe a god of any kind is a little strange too.

Glittering Awards? Really? Are there cups and trophies involved? If not, then this is dangerous ground too.

Jon, be controversial, by all means, but be careful too mate.
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Jons really into his hobby & puts out a great little mag which is a good read.
Ten out of ten for effort considering he`s a young lad.
My only minor gripe is that his deadlines for release tend to slip a little,but that`s no hanging matter.
Would I re-subscribe for another year? Yes.
All - Can I ask you to take it easy on the 'edginess' please? Everyone has a right to an opinion and to challenge any discrepancies they perceive - however it is better for all of us if we keep it without any additional undercurrents.

The magazine is a good read. Well done to Jon for bringing together a magazine in a market place devoid of slot car material. The frequency of the issues matters not one jot. Gary
QUOTE (Gary w @ 13 Feb 2012, 17:28) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The frequency of the issues matters not one jot.
It does to me, particularly if I'd been seduced by the promise of ten issues a year.

By all means post encouraging comments for a new venture, but please don't dismiss equally valid posts that ask important questions. Forums which by force of a vociferous minority allow nothing but puff and mutual back-slapping, soon become dull.
It's clear some of the posts on here are not 'valid', or hide behind a pretence of so being.

How Jon deals with the ones that are valid will quite possibly shape the future of the magazine, but he is a smart cookie, and he probably knows that.
I agree - but there are 'forums' for the questions - like email, PM's etc.

Taking sideswipes at enthusiastic statements (made in a different forum - ie a magazine) in open forums do no-one any good and certainly do not benefit the hobby which in the end is what the magazine and this forum are trying to do. Please no more on this subject - all points have been made.
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