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Steady up guys. Let he who casts the first stone...or whatever it is.

I hold no grudge against Jon at all. He's a really nice guy and we built a good friendship at Early Birds last year, but I do think he needs to be careful. We Slot Racers are a pernickity lot and take great stock by criticising, especially the latest slot car releases. I am a little suprised he uses the headline 'THE RALLY GOD hits the stage, how will it fare?'. Jon quite openly declares he is a Jehovah's Witness. If he means the car in the picture then surely he can't describe it as a god, of any kind. And using 'it' to describe a god of any kind is a little strange too.

Glittering Awards? Really? Are there cups and trophies involved? If not, then this is dangerous ground too.

Jon, be controversial, by all means, but be careful too mate.
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