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slot racing torture

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What makes an avid slot racer shake in his boots at the thought of having to race? A Scalextric Moto GP bike. They are easily the most difficult "cars" to keep in the slot. What could possibly make them worse? CHIP them for SSD!

This race is pure evil. Although it's an IROC race, everyone was given some practice time with a bike to get the feel for them. I found the best way for these to run smoothly was to cut the power WAY down (50% of a fixed 13.8v PSU using PB-Pro), AND turn OFF brakes. The F1 type motors in the bikes have a ton of torque, and will not only launch at high speed with the slightest twiddle of the trigger, but also stop on a dime. The result of the power reduction and brake disabling was actually a much smoother, more manageable beast to drive. Now that we have them so that you can make a lap without coming off or getting stuck, at least if you drive carefully, we put four of them on a two lane digital track! EVILLLLLL!!!!!

This video is unedited, full length, and then some. It will probably be really boring unless you want to pretend you were there and have a lot of time to waste. ;-) Enjoy!

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For those that don't know what these leaning bikes are....

Quote on how these work from elsewhere as Bycmo site is in spanish and i don't get far beyond "dos grande cervesas"...

No RC, it is all done through the track. (At least that's how Spaniards explained it to me).

Transformer is needed on Nico and Scalextric track because the controller needs just the right voltage. US Ninco trafo pipes too much noload voltage (apparently) and the controller has the protection circuit built in - you see two lights flashing, indicating overload/short.

Just like cars, bike can easily de-slot. Going fast into the turn and not leaning, or leaninng the wrong way will de-slot bikes. But leaning the right way and going too fast will, just like in real life, de-slot bikes as well. Controller features trim style controller which sets the maximum speed and, at certain setting, bikes will start running without gunning the throttle. Our sales agent used that feature to showcase bikes at the Expo. One final note on de-slot: bikes de-slot while leaning and going into the turn, so they stay leaning when you pick it up. Well, when put back in slot, you hear high-pitched sound and you watch as the bike straightes itself up - very cool!

So it sounds like a servo doing the leaning getting its signal through the rails... could be an overlay AC current or a digital signal...

Manual PDF to see how they work

Bycmo website
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Definitely some kind of digital chip in their controller and bike. It had to be, but the switch on the controller gives it away for sure. Something has to have intelligent control of the servo controlling the lean, as well as the speed of the motor. This is why it will be impossible to chip and retain the leaning function, at least with currently available parts. Someone like MIH might be able to make a controller and chip that can do it all, but I just don't see much demand for it. ;-)
Indeed - they definitely only work with their native PSU...

We abandoned play with them last night... firstly, native Scaley flyovers, old-stylee ones, and the spiral-support packs just don't go high enough to let the bikes thru and I couldn't be arsed going to get the lego from the basement to use to get the extra lift. The only way to get any form of decent layout in the space I've got available is to use flyovers unfortunately

Secondly, the magnets are definitely too strong and too low to the track out of the box and couldn't find my tiny screwdriver to adjust them. They got stuck at every track joint. Will spend a few hours tweaking them up and will let you know how I get on...

If I decide to dismantle, will get some guts shots for y'all...
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Does anyone still run these? I got a set to review and thought t was pretty cool. You have to really coordinate leaning and cornering. I liked them enough that I bought a few extra to use on my (older) Scalex layout. I liked it but it was quite a procedure switching out the correct power supply and plug for the Bycmo controller. In the end I quit using them. I think I may dust them off and play with them.mThey seem to have disappeared, even on Ebay!
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