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Hi Nick,

My opinions on each point as follows..

I wouldn't have stock and pro, just all in, my opinion is that you get the best car you can and go with it.

I voted Free choice on mods, but I would put rules in, I'd like to be able to change gearing mainly.

Yes it should look like a rally car and have preferably have co-driver, but if it looks like a rally car and does t have a co-driver it's not a deal breaker for me, pikes peak drivers generally don't have co-drivers for example.

No, GT cars and rally cars should be kept well away from each other, saying a Mosler is a rally car because one once competed in a tarmac hill climb does not make it a rally car, same for Porsche's even though they are more used in rally's.

I think 3D and custom stuff is a hard one. Hard to say unless you have a completely custom Class. I would like to see a Class where we can make custom cars with 3D parts, but not specifically a Rally Class.

I like the fact we have our classes in era's, this one rule works best out of all our rally rules.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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