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Ive mentioned this before but had no response ,but here goes any way .Mick Lord andI have been talkng about the possibility of holding a slot rally ,you know the thing they do in Spain a lot with the corn flour for snow cocoa powder for dirt etc ,and now Ive got my Team Slot Stratos perhaps its time to try again to run this event as a one off in the quiet bit between the porsche challenge round at preston and the Uk proxy so that would put it at the end of july perhaps .
Still just an idea at this "stage "(pardon the pun) but asI have a rally track ,Nick Hirst has one and Im sure we can find enough odds and ends of various track bits to make some intresting stages it might now be a viable event.

Opinions please.
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Hey Grah1. seem to have missed this thread until now

I am definately up for this, Might I suggest you try the Group N class that they run in Spain? Rules and limitations are on another post here. Might start all sorts of inter European possibilities!
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