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sorry to be finding a fault, i see the F3 and British GT cars are at Oulton Park on the weekend 17th/18th July, which i'll be at. So i'll pass on my suggestion for a rally car.....

ok, maybe not....

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Right guys, here's the rules!
Rules are subject to change.

>>EDIT! NO Magnets (I told you they may change)

The Official Rally Rules

Your car must be a 1/32 scale Rally car currently in production.
Ninco Pro Race or special parts will not be allowed on cost issue and competitiveness.

Chassis and body must be box stock as it left the factory, except for cutting to facilitate body rock.

Additional components must be available from one of the following manufacturers: Scalextric, Ninco, Proslot, Fly, Pink-Kar, SCX, Slot.It, Carerra, Ozrace, Cartrix, Reprotec, Team Slot or Gom.

Maximum width of 65mm

Tyres must be rubber and of a natural consistency.

Weight may be added, but must not be visible from the outside.

Gear ratio may be changed

Motors will remain standard
(NC1 cars may have NC2 or 5 fitted)

Cars running in the 4WD category must have 4WD systems present as standard (ie. as they left the factory). This may be via drive shaft or rubber band.
Cars running in the 2WD category must run with 2WD motors. 4WD cars may have their 4WD system removed and run in the 2WD category.

Each entering team will consist of two people: a driver and a marshal. The driver being the ONLY one allowed to drive the car and fix it in set service intervals, and the marshal the ONLY one who can replace a de-slotted car or conduct in stage repairs.

A person may be a member of more than one team. Although they can only drive for one team, but marshal for as many as they want.

Cars will be ID'd with numbers and so will people, this will be checked at the stages.

Each stage will be run twice, once in each direction.

Each driver will have two practise (experimental laps) on each stage in the first part of the day.

Each stage will be timed (by stopwatch, to the tenth of a second) from start to finish.

All times will be accumulated and the driver with the lowest time at the end of the day will win.

Before each stage is started by the first driver, a dice will be rolled to determine the weather condition for that stage (mud/snow/ice/other).

Stages will be run as seen fit on the day

All results will be split into 4WD and 2WD at the end of the meeting to determine category winners.


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Built my car, and it complies with every one of the rules!

Scalextric Ford Escort RS Cosworth... mmm... cosworth...

Anyway, I know it won't be the best car there, but it'll be different and shouldn't be too bad... if it is, I'll just have to crack out the Xsara or Celica.


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Oh, one sec...

QUOTE Weight may be added, but must not be visible from the outside

Does that mean outside the whole way around? Or just can't be vibile from the top, or when it's on the track?

I got a thin bit of weight glued to the bottom of the chassis between the motor and the guide. Is that ok, or will I have to move it?

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