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I think that we mist this topic compleat. For me this winter it's 10(TEN)the anniversary building rally tracks!
It's 10 years ago I build my first rally track. Will I was search for old rally track layouts (special that one from Damduin) i found two almost 10 years old pics form my first cacoa experiment!

A year after that (it was around Christmas) I even build a rally track on the floor and on the table!!!
It was a zooitje! Zooitje means messy! But it was fun. I build one track on the floor with plastic sheets between the track and the floor. It was a track like the Andros cup and I used it for racing for a few days!
And I build a demo track on the table. It was not for driving. Just for your eyes only. Like a chritmas tree!

Then a few years later I build Catalunia. (this was the inspartion for Damduin to build Rally in the Basement)
The layout of Catalunya

Track plan and pictures from Catalunia from

And this year we started building the tiny little mobiel rally track AND Col du Darc

Tiny track on slotforum at

More about du Darc
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