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QUOTE (wixwacing @ 15 Oct 2005, 07:57)The first problem would be the buildup under the braids. It would stop the model in inches!
This is definitely not true. With Cocoa you may have a problem during your first lap, but when driving Ninco 4-wheel drives, SCX TT, or the two wheel drive Ninco 1600D (Saxo , Clio), you will have no problem! With flour you may have some more problems the first few rounds, so you will have to clean your braids a couple of times. But after that it will be great fun!

QUOTE (wixwacing @ 15 Oct 2005, 07:57)What ever goes on the track will have to be stuck down or painted on!!
This is absolutely not necessary!!! You don't believe me? Have a look at these movies:

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