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Went to two shops in Alicante town today.

The first, mecamodels is right in the centre, about two minutes walk from the main train terminus.

Shop site here

It's not purely slot, so some interesting other model related stuff in there. Bottles of modellers acrylic paint was cheap as chips, but I didn't fancy getting a few of those go pop in my luggage so didn't bother.

Great range of cars in there from every manufacturer you can think of, though nothing much in the car line I couldn't source for a similar price from the uk.

Lots of lots of SCX and Ninco sets and additionals, such as SCX rally chrono, lots of raid exams and all those great mud/ snow add on packs for a lot less than you can pick up in the uk. Ninco n-scorer for €40, but frustratingly out of stock. Will be getting a rally chrono on my next visit to Spain, I think, as I will be bringing lots of clothes over for the son and going home very light.

The second I went to wasn't worth the effort, a general toy store in Plaza Mar called Poly. Give it a miss. Funnily enough, the department store around the corner from mecamodels had a great range of SCX stuff, worth popping in if you visit mecamodels.

Picked up an SCX rally tent for £20 in mecamodels, so not a wasted day.

Will try and nip to scorpio in Aloy in the morning ;0)
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