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Best way to give the details on this one is to post the pics I was sent

Self explanatory, I think ?

First here are the basics in plain English!

QUOTE 2003 Slot Car show. 17th Year. Huttonville Public School on Embleton Road. Saturday 25th October, 09:0 until 16:00 with set up from 08:00

The organiser is selling Trading space in a very unusual way - on Ebay!


I will let the pictures speak for the rest ( cool cartoon at the end for amusement


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The more people that know, the bigger the crowd, the harder it will be to get those rare finds at a special price!!!

It's a pretty decent show. Was once billed as an HO show and fits on the north east circuit for the "little car" set. A lot of American dealers (you can see them all scrambling out the door around noon for the Cleveland Ohio show the next day - a 6 hour drive!).

HO has waned as 1:32 gains strength. Last year at least half the tables (I'd say at least 20, maybe 30) were 1:32 and a large scalextric track was laid out on the adjacent Gym floor.

Al Penrose of BWA fame will be there with his wares.

The good thing is its a cash market, deals can be negotiated, prices don't include tax, and there is something for everyone.

Last year I found a MIB Ninco Porsche 356-A Coupe, silver #11. $50 CDN which is about £20. Nice car, decent price.

If I can swing it this year, I will snap some shots for a Slot Forum exclusive!

Cheers, Ken R
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