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sure john

if wish to travel north that's no problem
as for pricing for the event have a word with jim brown (slot-tech)
can't remember off hand

the rules are on james johnsons web site
if you want directions email me
see you soon

so any other clubs out there wish to race?
try out our scones and cheese oatcakes but not together unless your names backmarker (sorry markus, could not help myself you can slap me later)

DR STICKY aka robbo

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hi james j
i will send direction from my home computer
are you driving or your dad?

as for teams
there will be
pre-ads team mac p, howard camdage and james lymer
oat-cakes myself, chris and mark probert
junior team wibbs bradley camdage and little wilko (new young junior)
and another junior team
and as we speak i think other members are puting teams together
as for your team who's in it
don't forget if there's an adult your team you can not enter as a junior team

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oop's sorry if i have offended any body about the junior issue
i just assumed (mother of all cock up's) that if there is an adult within the team it could not be entered as a junior team.
may be i am wrong, i'm married so i usually am,
so this one for jim b to sort
either way every body welcome old and young

i am going to wear shorts so i can enter as a junior what do think?
see you sunday
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