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Here we have 12 teams of 3 like minded fools I mean slot jockeys

WOuld just like to say, a great day was had by all, and thanks to Jim for entertaining us all, and Grah for his wacky creations!

Now, whens the next round?

Oh and Sean very kindly lent us his 956 prototype thing.. thanks again!
was enjoyed by all


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The Audi Team Challenge turned out to be a great day!

Welldone to the 'Pre-Add' Team from North Staffs Scalex Club who took victory.

Then there was the 'GBH Team' (the Great Burnley Hustlers)(my team) who won the Junior Class. After pinion gear damage that may cost us winning the whole thing!!!
ah well

anyways, Big THANK YOU to all those who put in the effort to come and race all 36+ of you!

and good work to Slot-It, vertually only one breakdown caused by component failure - a 8 tooth pinion gear! all 12 cars finished

a Good Day Out!

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