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SlotCar Dyno, discussion

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please discuss the news item in this thread
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Nearly £500 with postage and probably VAT on top as well.

It's expensive but is it worth the cost?

I'd say, it's nicley made with CNC parts, and electronics with PC connection and software.. It's not a cheap piece of kit to manufacture.. but does it's function warrant that cost? For me, definitely not. For some, it might.
I'm manufacturing a Rolling Road which will have most the functionality of this machine, but more primitive, and without pc connectivity. I imagine it'll cost one fifth of the price.
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When we look at the hobby aspect , and see how much money we make from the hobby, (zippadeedooda) .
Then compare it to the price of a piece of equipment or a tool that could buy several cars or other tools, price point is certainly a consideration.
However there are those of us who take the hobby to the next level, where the cost is not as important as the results obtained, it puts a different light on the product.
I suppose this is where we separate those who rely on age old practices versus those who like new technology. If it is a piece of equipment that you personally feel has great value or is a club purchase then perhaps it makes more sense.
New technology is something always welcome to a hobby just like electronic controllers.
I like a rolling road as it tells me a lot about my car aside from just speed .
I may like this new piece of equipment if i were racing competitively in a lot of European or World Class and National series events, i could see myself definitely investing in this dyno.
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That's a lovely looking piece of kit.

I'm similar to Bob. If I were racing very seriously, I'd wince at the price but still buy one. In order to compete at the front of the top level, there is no alternative but to spend whatever it takes to make sure you have equipment that matches the best that others have. Thereafter, driving skill determines results.

Fortunately, I race for fun at a club where our class structure is based on qualifying lap times rather than a rigid set of rules defining what can and cannot be done to a car, so the only gain to be had from modifying and improving cars is personal satisfaction.

Mind you, if money was unlimited I'd love to own such a machine, purely for the enjoyment of using it and tinkering.
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Now that's a piece of kit!

It brings out the "TIM the TOOL MAN Taylor" in me and I just want one.

This is birthday, Christmas, anniversary stuff all rolled into one.

I absolutely know I can't justify the cost, can't justify the need, all I know is it is so, so cool, I JUST WANT ONE.🙃
"This is a inertia dynamometer"
No. No its not. It's an inertia dyno-doo-dah.

And it's fecking expensive so one for the wealthy speed-crazed morons, for sure.

Now, I may well be a moron.

I may well like a turn of speed.

But I am not wealthy enough to justify such a theatrical doohickey, however well-made or thoughtfully designed. Not when the same ticket price would buy me so many lovely hard-bodies.

I guess they're confident there's a market for it but I'm most definitely not in that market so I'll leave. Shaking my head in disbelief, I'll leave.
Seeing as you can buy a bench power supply with digital readout for both voltage and current draw for about GBP45 and a laser tachometer for about GBP7 that leaves you needing to fashion a heavy roller and use the stopwatch on your phone.

So with a little ingenuity you can get very close to what this doohickey does for a fraction of the price.

If this was a popular type of machine the cost would probably halve but as it is so specialist - that is why the price is eye watering.
It also has that stuff called software included ........ the price not so bad if you add it all up.

It would also demonstrate whether or not running in motors actually works and if so, where. There are probably quite a few other benefits lurking under the price tag.

If only Dave could "borrow" one for a really good in-depth review ............ ;)
I've spent the last 10 years trying to justify the cost of a top end tyre truer, I think this bit of kit falls into that category. Great if you've got it, but can probably live without it. BUT WHO WANTS TO LIVE LIKE THAT.......maybe it's time to cease the day (first buy that tyre truer then spend 10 years trying to justify a top end Dyno)😎
In the meantime I don't want to add up the cost of what I've spent on this hobby in that time 🤑
Hi Guys

I was involved in the development of this dyno, and I couldn't be any happier with the result minipro have done a fantastic job. Before you think anything else, Im not employed or have received any money from Minpro.

For many years I was trying to build my own like many of us have done in the past. The Idea was to have something that could quickly check the performance of a slot car and be able to compare it to another car or cars. When I saw what minipro was doing in the RC industry I knew this product could be retrofitted to accommodate slotcars. I only ever thought a product like this would be used at club level, Oh and people like Bill_Cart
. I get that the price is expensive but what do you pay for a decent tyre truer $200-$250 which has no electronics and no software, good tools are expensive some people pay $25 just for 0.9 allen key WT. Anyway if you have any specific questions I will try and answer them for you.

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What stops the cars nose rising under acceleration?
This unit is a prototype, so please don't judge the quality.


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I would have assumed it was the belt as shown in the second picture in the news article
It certainly looks nice. But I'd not get one for the same reason I didn't install a garage lift to work on my Europa...I could accomplish the same thing with a floor jack and jack stands, at a fraction of the cost.

Of course, I'm also the guy who can't justify the cost of a Hudy or Tire Razor, rather preferring to spin my rear tires against a piece of sandpaper on the track for a few seconds...
I recently purchased one. So far I've had a few hiccups getting the startup problems ironed out. The software is very good and allows a lot of configuration to match your needs. I admit I'm one of those people who tries to get all of the new tools (toys) for whatever I'm doing. Sometimes, after a while, I discover I don't use them that often but whenever I do I'm happy they were in the workshop.
I've recently run into a drawback for this dyno. The shunt resistor used for measuring motor current during a test is sized for use with RC motors at 45 amps max. For most slot car motors where current draw is less than 5 amps during acceleration and less than 1 amp at a constant speed the display resolution is poor.
First, I will like to thank everyone for their feedback.

Tea, please send us an email and we will help you solve your issue about sensor not reading less than 1 amp. See below image for a slot car test result reading lower than 1amp.
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Would you mind posting your setup for this test run so I can see if I can duplicate it?

BTW: I have no idea where the "Tea Boy" label came from. It's not my user name on this forum.

And if somebody can tell me how to post a PDF I'll post the graph I'm getting.
Hi neonglass, I’m sure someone will answer your question about the Tea Boy reference but I think above each members picture is a term generated by the “system” based on the number of posts you have made. Someone referring to you as tea in a post I think is just a mistake on that posters part.
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