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Getting back to one of the original questions, using aftermarket parts will not make your cars faster if there is nothing wrong with the stock parts. Cars that have crooked wheels and tires, poorly meshing gears, loose bearings and floppy guide flags are going to benefit more from aftermarket parts. Cars with strong magnets tend to mask problems of that sort, however. In many cases buying aftermarket tires that are made to fit your stock wheels will give you the biggest improvment for the least money. We use aftermarket parts for their greater consistancy and reliability rather than just for lower lap times. It can spoil your whole day if a wheel falls off in the middle of a race.
Using a dyno to measure the cars and then set a maximum allowable speed is a rather novel concept. We have used the now discontinued Kelvin Light Bench to check some of our cars. The cars that we checked all used a spec motor and there was a fairly large spread in the numbers. The cars were all Scalextric Dallaras without magnets and they all used the same silicone tires, that eliminated tire doping from affecting the track performance. We ran all of the cars around a skid pad in both directions. A car could be fast in one direction and slow in the opposite direction. On the track there was a huge spread in the lap times. The slowest cars could get lapped several times during a 3 minute heat. The fastest car on the dyno was not the fastest car on the track. If you included the dyno and skid pad numbers together you could predict the order of the track times very well. We run just one classc where motors are unrestricted and in that case, even on a track with a very long straight a car that is a rocket in a straight line is not going to win races unless it is also hooked up in the corners.
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