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Slotcar shops in London

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Can someone tell me good slotcar shops in London. I am from Finland an my friend is going to London January and that´s why I have to know where to guide him.
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I had a similar problem at the start of the year, this is what I found available in April.

Hope it helps

ModelZone - good selection of kits, die-casts, railways and slots. On the slot front they had Scalex. Carrera and Fly. Don't want to add to the Fly debate but I couldn't see what is so good about them to be charging so much more than other makes. The quality of the plastic on some cars is very poor and transparent it makes the cars look like cheap toys. Having said that I did buy a Fly Corvette. Well it was under half price so less than a Scalex.

Hamleys Good selection of every thing once you accept the bounty they add for the pleasure of you purchasing from them - I thought my local shop over charged but they obviously have some lessons to learn. They had Scalex. Carrera and Revell. First time I've seen a Revell so was pleased with what I saw as I might be tempted to purchase a Porsche 550 when they're released to add to my Jimmy Dean collection. He should have stayed with MG when he took up racing - You've got to walk before you can run.

EF Russ, Clapham - a good window display doesn't prepare you for the shock when you go inside. Its like my Grandad's garden shed with lots of drawers and cupboards and high shelves split up like pigeon holes. It was difficult to see what stock he had - all the Scalex stuff was above head height so I didn't see much. I expect he's a great local shop as the drawers contain all sorts of obscure items and he was being very helpful to the customer who was there at the same time as me.
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EF Russ was still there during the summer. I think you will find that it has not changed inside since you were last there, except for the prices and most of the visible stock.
Just to confirm that EF Russ of Clapham are still in business. Nothing has changed since my visit last year although they may have dusted. It seem brighter in the shop but just as Kaotic.

They don't seem to understand the January Sale principal either.
Battersea Rise.

Turn left when leaving Clapham railway station, towards Alders department store. Turn right at XRoad onto St. John's Road. At next XRoad (with traffic lights) turn right onto Battersea Rise. Shop is a short way down on otherside of road near a cycle shop. About 10 minute walk.
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