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Phew - it's been rather hectic getting this edition finished (and it's just about there), what with the Le Mans oXigen programme to produce PLUS still working on the Gaydon programme

However, our contributors have done us proud and hats off to 'em I say for submitting some great text and photos!

Hopefully, it will be available by next week:

(Both cover versions shown)

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I'll take the blame on that one, Mark.
Happy birthday Other Boss.

Abbo, you forgot to allow for the fact that this year is a Leap Year.
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Well boys. My printed copy turned up today, fresh from Lulu's pet Melbourne printer. Looks a million bucks again. So much better to hold it in my hands and turn the pages. The photos just exude life and colour. Another issue well done.

But, damn Lulu! They've developed an extreme page creep again! I'm trying to decide if it's worth going through all the hassle of reporting it to Lulu and waiting for them to actually respond.
I just sent a bunch of support photos and let Abbo do the hard work of picking what to use Mark.

Gonzo is one of the Motorheads mechanics. I really wish they'd do some more 1:32 scale ones. He's just been 'dirtied up' a little with some 'Devlan Mud' from the Citadel range of paints for table top game figures. Never used it before, but I was given a pot to try. Actually, looking at the page now (couldn't remember which photos got printed) he's a little in need of a spray of matte clear and his tyre needs truing.

Here's the original photo with Nick as well.
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