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Today is our 1st Birthday. A year after the day that we opened for business to the public: The 16th September 2003.

A few stats:

We have 4 077 Total Topics, 45 460 Total Replies made by 1 090 Total Members that, including guests, come from 60 different countries around the world.

Sure there are some duplicates and there are some inactive accounts, but membership has been steadily growing with peaks at over 100 a month over Christmas 2003 and July 2004. July 2004 has been our busiest month so far with all the talk of Digital I suppose.

We are now getting well over 400 new topics started each month with over 5 000 posts made in reply.

Our Cars section is the most popular with 277 877 views, followed by News (181 377), Tracks & Scenery (143 119), Scratch building (142 782), The Pit Lane (107 582), Clubs & Events (67 505), Slot Racing & Tuning (54 485), Digital (53 155) & the others.

On the servers, we are serving, every month, over 11 GB of data per month to over 12 294 people. 372 627 pages viewed and 2 742 444 hits.

Our RSS news feed is turning out to be very popular with over 17 507 hits per month.

We are well indexed on various search engines (you may have noticed some of them around the board).

We wish to take this opportunity to thank all members for their patronage.

Thank you to all the moderators who have spent many long hours oiling the machine.

Thank you to the technicians who have helped with servers, configuration and bandwidth management.

Thank you to the slotcar manufacturers, distributors and retailers that have contributed prizes for our competitions.

Let us have a great year ahead!

Nuro & Swiss
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