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Well, Christmas is done and gone. The Competition is well and truly closed and..

we promised the results by Boxing day (26th December)

so without further ado - here they are,

in reverse Order...

QUOTE 3RD Place goes to - 'Ken R'
He recieves the track enhancing Slot.It Pit Babes

QUOTE 2ND Place goes to - 'thomas'
He recieves the wonderful Slot.It Kenwood Porsche 956

QUOTE and the 1ST Place Winner is - '550rs'
He recieves the most excellent Racer Ferrari 412P

CONGRATULATIONS to the three winners, your prizes will be sent off ASAP from the shops contributing.

Please supply your snail mail addresses to the admin.

We had a total of 40 entries, of which 20 were correct.

The winning number we wanted was the sum total of the numbers on the chests of each of the 9 reindeer - This was '398'

Lastly a big thank you to 'Get Slotted' and 'Pendles' for their generosity.

· Allan Wakefield
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If thomas is after the pit babes I am sure a swap could be arranged

and of course we expect the first full on down under 'How to build a Racer Ferrari' article !!

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Thanks Toby & Claire for drawing my name!!!

Thanks to the SF gang for the contest and the sponsors for donating the prizes.

So I am the lucky winner of the Pit Babes!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!

Ok, now the hard part. Explaining my obsession with small model cars to my wife is one thing, but now how to explain the three miniature buxom babes is another!

Again thanks all!

ps Thomas, I'd be happy to oblige a babes for Porsche swap!!! The curves of the 956 are just as beautiful to me and would cause much less grief!
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