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This is now up:

A place where you can submit write-ups on events to share with members. If you have a big race, event or party - take some photos and send them in with a few words of text.
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Thanks for the write up guys that has managed to cover most of the aspects of what went on and capture the flavour of what we were all doing.

On the issue of money being demanded on the gate, please remember that every penny my wife and my Dad extracted from everyone went to the charity. I don`t mean just the profits , I mean every penny. Many thanks for the support of those that turned up and a special thanks to my Mrs. and my Dad and my sons ,Rob and Sam, who worked all day and the previous night for no return, not even a race or two!

Like any first event ,I have noted where improvements can be made and will implement changes, in particular as regards the race schedule which ,as Astro rightly pointed out was planned to take place on two tracks. The next event will be held in the Summer once the second track is up and running and will be bigger and better and hopefully we can tempt a few more of you to get out of your beds and come racing?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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