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SlotForum Exclusive - Come in car '54'

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Well it was out of the packet from the Postman in my local shop and direct into my hands within seconds of the postman walking out the door, talk about good timing

I haven't seen this anywhere for sale yet even in the States - Could it be that the Nürburgring '65 Cobra Daytona is a Europe first release?

I thought you might all like to see the difference in Monogram packaging between the USA and Europe (lower box is the European one)..

Looks and colour wise it is similar to the '13' Daytona '65 and of course the detailing is still exquisite..

I won't bother with a how it runs review as this has been done to death when the first two were released, I will just satisfy your lust for pics with the following..

It is in no way the 'perfect' model but mistakes are minimal and after all this IS a toy. The next two pics show slight Tampo damage BUT - Super Macro pics show up all the errors and these are hardly noticeable actually.

Looks like Gerry Anderson helped design the drivers
Still, it is great to see close up detailing done..

Just look at the great finish and detailing!..

Congratulations to Revell - Monogram. Another winning release
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QUOTE (Swissracer @ 12 Oct 2003, 04:03 AM)Anyone know what lights were what on the rear of these cars?

Seperate lights for brakes it looks like but which upper?
I've just seen a program on BBC4 on the Shelby Cobra story that ended up with the Le Mans GT class win in 1964 ahead of the Ferraris.

Great program showing how Pete Brock and his team designed and built the car using plywood moulds designed around the driver, scratch built in place in 3 months - virtually no designing on paper first! It had really bad aerodynamics and they spent 3 weeks on the track getting it right and ended up with a very fast care - around 183 mph!

Anyway I got a glimpse of the rear lights. For the race, the red indicators were on top, brakes below.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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