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· Allan Wakefield
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Hi guys,
apologies for this.

It is caused by problems with the RSS feed updater to one of the other forums we are linked to.
The RSS feeds have been disabled and the frontpage is now back.

All will be sorted when Nuro gets home on Monday.

SF Birthday party is going great guns! full info next week...

PS: Next party will be offlimits to flatulent vegetarians!


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QUOTE (Swissracer @ 26 Sep 2004, 01:29)PS: Next party will be offlimits to flatulent vegetarians!

Who would that be then

I think it was all the onion on the Pizza at lunchtime
Best just have a plain old cheese and tomato next time huh!

· Jim Moyes
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Who said I was a vegetarian?

Oh!! Slik you mean! Yes...of was all Slik!

I thought the V in V.I.I.C.M.D.S.F.C. stood for vice not vegetarian!

Mr.M (I.I.C.M.D.S.F.C.)

· Brian Ferguson
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I'm not sure, but I doubt we really want to start a contest for SF members to speculate on what "I.I.C.M.D.S.F.C." stands for. At least, not in regard to the group who were at Swiss Race Bahn!

Wishing I had been....
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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