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SlotForum heads up on a cool kit

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This is one of the better kits around today.
Made by Bauer of Germany the detail and attention to detail is exquisite.

Cheetah Kit

It ends tomorrow and so far no bids, unusual for this kit but I bet some will come in the last hours.
The starting price is high for Germany but is fair (expect to pay more though)

Anyway - if you are looking for a top quality kit this won't disappoint and NO! it has NOTHING to do with me

It is just a great kit at a good price.

If anyone wins it from the UK and SlotForum, you could ask the seller (A Zürich seller) to post it to me and pick it up at the SlotForum Birthday bash OR I can bring it with me to the UK in the first weekend of October and give it to you or post it from the UK.
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Alan (the Beejay one) kindly brought his Bauer Cheetah along to show me at the Pendle proxy race last weekend. The car looks good in the photos but they really don't do the model justice - it's simply gorgeous
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