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A rapidly growing and hugely successful Company dedicated to bringing almost the only true RTR 1/24 scale cars to market and certainly the only Group C offerings. Their cars are in simple kit form, truly excellent quality and very balanced to drive out of the box.

There is a worldwide International Rulebook available specifically designed by BRM, with help from major racers around the world. National and International championships are in the works too.
Watch this space for more news from us very soon regarding this series.

So firstly a nice spacious stand shared with NSR and hosting Scorpius on a Ninco track with chipped BRM 1/24 cars...

A few things you NEED to know about these cars:

  • After initial low quality gearing caused bad feedback, BRM quickly turned to Sigma for supply. However, not easily satisfied they fast returned to the drawing board and now have their own high quality gearing sets back in production. All are retro fitting.
  • In order to maintain a close racing enviornment between their cars, a motor shim is available now for the first production run cars.
  • Special quick release guides for Ninco and deep/wide slot routed tracks are available from March and these will fit across the range.
  • From the Toyota 88c onwards the chassis and body are separated via a quick, nimble and accurate 'click fit' system. For the earlier Porsche cars a retro kit is available. You will never be penalised because you bought an early car and then found that design had moved on. A great quality from the manufacturers that isn't seen in many other Companies.

This limited edition Toyota was unveiled and announced at the show, the low production quantity ensured they are all already snapped up. Who will have them for sale is anyone's guess so if you want one, start asking quickly

OOH boy, one of my all time favorite cars and in RTR 1/24 scale...

These Mazdas are long awaited too, I can see 1/24 racing taking off big time this year in Clubs, especially those that can handle this scale.

The first of the Toyota 88cs...

What has to be THE most stunning livery of them all, coming into your grubby mits very soon.

Chassis specific BRM 'stamped' weight packs, again for cars across the range. It is likely these will be a must in the International BRM Rule Book...

Expanded view of a typical kit...

IMSA cars sitting over the first releases, most of which are now long sold out...

Not limited just to RTR cars, BRM have a huge range of hop up parts of which these are just a few...

The complete first series...

A small slip out of context, Engage Models also had a small display here. Their superb but fiddly controllers were on show. Great in principle, changing those chips out is a pain though...

Fast Co.
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QUOTE (alexands @ 6 Feb 2009, 12:28) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>i want them all.

i can't afford them all, but hell that has never stopped me.

anyone want to buy a kidney?

I've got no need for a 3rd kidney, but I feel your pain. It's gonna be another expensive year. Now what've I got around here that I can sell?
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