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H + T is one of the biggest German slot shops and had their own stand at the Toy Fair next to MRRC/IBB. We took pictures because they were showing some stuff by manufacturers not present

Different Plafit chassis were shown

Mr. Plafit (with hat) was present himself

Powerslot Nissan's. Doug has started a new topic with more info on Powerslot

New very good looking Lola T-298 by Powerslot. Also see Doug's new topic for more info

Avant Slot 1/24 Quad Suzuki 450 Dakar

Avant Slot 1/24 Porsche

New Le Mans Miniatures Rondeau M379 B

Also new from Le Mans Miniatures Dauer 962 LM Porsche

These look interesting. Haven't seen them before

Plafit 1/32 chassis

Hudy had their own stand. Nothing new as far as I know.

One of the best tire truers you can get

Hudy's comm lathe

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QUOTE (cbr @ 10 Feb 2009, 00:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Added some more info.

Does anybody know more about the Sloting Plus anglewinder bearings?

Hi cbr,

Sorry for the delay but i had to ask to Sloting Plus conceptor !

SO, Combi Plus are special bearings as Combi ( Aluminium body with Bronze under..) with a system where you can join the bearings with a pipe around axle in order to increase rigidness and try to remove chassis oscillations ( sometimes an issue in some cars mounted in AngleWinder ! )
Three pipe dimensions are planned for different chassis concerned by this kind of bearings...

Hope it help

Kind regards
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