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So, Scalextric, A reduced man power turn out at the Fair this year although to watch them working you would not know it. With Airfix, Hornby, Corgi and Scalextric brands under their belts at Nürnberg for 2009, you can imagine the logistics nightmare not to mention stand costs

So first a couple of deletions from the 2009 range. This isn't a cautious move with the econimic climate in mind but purely a tooling and production timescale issue.
Both full detail Nissan GTR cars are cancelled although the drift versions remain.
The McLaren GT is delayed until 2010.

As far as marketing and customer bases go, sets are almost the mainstay of the Scalextric range and non more so than the 'Micro' sets. You will see from the pics below and the catalogue that this area is being enlarged considerably this year.

Marketing is aided with more than a few licensing deals covering well known films...

One of the more interesting deals this year is with software developer Electronic Arts. Specifically in conjunction with the Need For Speed game, within the set box are codes to unlock special cars within the computer game. The set wil include an Aston MArtin DBS and a Nissan 350Z.
A novelty that could see more exchange of interest between slot racing and the electronic games fraternity...

8 micro sets this year and spanning a huge interest gap...

For me, one of THE breakthroughs this year in the hobby. With complaints from various design sectors of the market that numbers of school leavers with engineering design skills is falling, Scalexric have teamed up with Software developer 'Optic'.
The schools project is well underway. Edorsed by James May of Top Gear and giving free topend CADCAM software from 'Optic' for schools enrolling in this scheme, it should attract a lot of attention and help highlight the slot hobby as well as spark the imagination of many children across the UK.
If it is a success, other Countries are being considered in the future. I can see many children working hard to find alternative body styles though

Aimed specifially a 'key stage 3' (11-14 year olds) the package will include a competition pack, a track pack as well as the CADCAM software. Downloads will also be available from the site...

A first sighting for me although I do not know if it is completely new, a redesigned F1 'plug and play' chip...

So, lots of interest in the new 6 car PB. It is not production ready yet so wasn't working.
However I will list the features here for you. If none of it is new I apologise.
  • Race upto 6 cars.
  • Clear user interface. Switchable standard or advanced menu options
  • Skill level control - 5 optional settings per car.
  • Multiple gaming modes.
  • Instant push button car ID via hand throttle.
  • Adcanced hand throttle calibration.
  • Analogue or Digital race modes.
  • Optimum power/performance.
  • Separate 15v - 4Amp supply.
  • Pace car function on 1-5 cars. Including speed-L/C-Yellow flag mode-false starts with penalties.
  • Powerbase has 6 LED lights used to indicate various states of play.
  • Powerbase has 4 select buttons and an 'enter' option.
  • Auxiliary port for separate display screen connection.
  • 6 hand throttle ports.
  • screen dimensions 60mm x 100mm (portrait)
  • Ref:C7042 avaiable 2nd quarter.
There is a more detailed list of functions in a reply further down this thread.

Chris trying out the Micro Scalextric:

Finally, don't forget the 2009 range list is also on Slotforum since the new year, you can browse it HERE.

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My thoughts on the C7042 Powerbase purely based on the new pictures, and what we have seen in the catalogue.

1) Two PSU connectors on the RHS, same a C7030, 15 Volts as per 4 Car PB. Allows entry level price to be lower and gets round some toy regs.

2) Display connector on the LHS, looks like it could be RJ11 like C7030, can we have a better picture? Some posibility that it could be used for a PC connection, will have additional data over C7030 as the Display is used for Powebase setup, so a rewrite of the Management software will be needed. Lets hope it's bidirectional and allows for code updates?

3) Can't see any point in the car ID LED's on the Powerbase. What am I missing?

4) Display seems to now not be showing the fixed 1 to 6 , hopefully replaced by programmable digits to allow sorting into race order. However there is no fixed data so maybe just a mockup?

5) I suspect if it was working it would be plugged up, so perhaps some way to go yet?

Good to see a Nissan GT-R R35, pity its not a detailed model, the wheels are very wrong so hopefully not final. Not arriving until Q4, so must be the version with Sat Nav.


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The school kits could be the best thing for our hobby in the show. Read about this but hadn't seen them yet. Maybe we get a new generation of kids involved through this. Hopefully someone creates some better streamlined wooden templates for the vac-forms, can't see these vans creating a lot of excitement. Nice booth by the way
you can tell hornby's marketing budget is bigger than the other's shown so far.


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QUOTE 3) Can't see any point in the car ID LED's on the Powerbase. What am I missing?

Low fuel warning, pit stop call ? Probably not, but the colors are ordered in the same way as the pit lane game. May be lighs on/off ? I really think they are just there to confirm ID 'ing was succesfull.

Although not working, It is good to see It is existing and must be nearly finished. Screen looks larger than I imagined, and I am curious If the air holes are just for air or may be sound ?

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Not really René! The SCX car will have a pleasant little motor in it and behave impeccably. The Scalextric car will have an FF firework in the back so light the blue touchpaper and stand well back.

And in 1:1 that's a turbo from '88 versus an atmo from '92. Both bloomin' amazing cars, though.

As a shelf queen, the Williams of 'Our Nige' will be paired with Senna's McLaren MP4/7 in a '1992 Monaco GP' pairing. You'll be able to recreate that celebrated last few laps, including Murray Walker shouting a lot, James Hunt being rude about Mansell and then roll around on the floor in front of the monarch when you should be on the podium.


Except, of course, the Willy had Camel on it and the McLaren was festooned with Marlboro. Hmmm... now I wonder if Scaley's going to do it in Gitanes livery, just like Ligier did!
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