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Allan Wakefield
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There was not alot of info from the listed Companies, not enough for single entires each so here is a combined report.


Just one car shown, on the German distributors stand - 'H&T'

Alfa Romeo GT...


As reported, they were not at the show although they had paid for the stand and produced a limited edition specifically for Nürnberg.
Exactly what one can read into this, taking into account that there was at least one resignation from the Company by a highly placed person last week, is hard to say, I guess time will tell.

However there are a couple of new releases and the Carrera 6 is out now by all accounts. These were again on show at the 'H&T' stand.

Special Edition Carrera 6...

The new Fly Racing edition Porsche 911...

A new release past planning stage, BMW M3, liveries unknown...


Although not at the show, these were on display within the Racer Stand. Racer took part of the Fly stand.

Alfa Romeo Brero as seen in early stages a month or so ago here on SF...

Corvette Moray...

Ital Design concept based on the petrol/electric hybrid power train of the Lexus RX400h. Shown at the Geneva Show a couple of years ago, Ital made nosies about building a working car but nothing has ever materialised, probably as Toyota is working on a hybrid super car of its own.

Le Mans Miniatures

With their own stand again this year, shared with a couple of hand made die cast companies, there are interesting releases and modifications in the pipeline.

Two of which are, for instance;

A new chassis for the 2 Renault Alpine V6 versions...

The new chassis having a separate motor pod which is adjustable along two planes allowing it to be shared...

In 1/24 scale currently, their awesome bugatti tank. I have this body to convert but it is as hard a conversion as I have ever attempted so dont hold your breaths for pics

However it also arrives in the shops in 1/32 scale this year [drool] excellent![/drool]...


Showing two reliveries (one known), two new models and a cool cutaway car, they had a good showing this year also and there are rumours of a new limited edition set on the way with the 'Targe Florio' in mind.

Would you do this to YOUR Porsche??...

The next Porsche...

412P - Piper Racing...

A new model release, the 330P Spyder...

And a Racer - erm - racing version of the 250LM! as if they don't already run very well indeed...

Revell Monogram

Very disappointing this year, although the 'dumping' of old stock tactics at vastly reduced prices can not have helped sales or retailer confidence.

Nothing not already heard about, just the Trabant, a Simca Rally car and some reliveries of the slot cars and the easy kits, oh! and two cool cool kits.



NSU relivery...

Ferrari 360 reliveries...

Great kit for the 1/32 range! remake of the king Cobra...

Super 1/24 Cobra, allowing either of these liveries

Easy kit RAID vehicles - VW...


and Mitsubishi

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QUOTE (Swissracer @ 6 Feb 2006, 15:29)A new chassis for the Renault Alpine V6 on the same body...

The new chassis having a separate motor pod which is adjustable along two planes...


Well those 2 Alpines are not really the same cars ..., car #1 is the A443 and appears to be longer than the #2, the A442B.

Simon Moss (Undisputed #1 Racer Fan)
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The Racer releases definitely float my boat the most. I know they are expensive, but quality and exclusivity does not come cheap. I knew of the release of the David Piper P4 and am pleased to see a different version being produced to the #6 & #7 cars produced last year, although these were not official Racer releases. I like the extra detail with the "maggot" sticking out of the drivers side window.

The Ferrari 250P is a surprise to me and will only go to enhance any Ferrari collection.

The Targa Florio limited edition is not a total surprise, as once a company produces one limited edition there will always be others. I am of course referring to the RCRLE01 Daytona 67 set released a couple of years back.

All I need to do now is cash in that life insurance policy !


Matt Nicholls
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Gom: Nice, but not my cup of tea
Fly: Very nice, love the M3
Bonini: Love them, very different to what we normally get
LMM: Again, not my cup of tea
Racer: To expensive to even think!!
Revell: Very oddball, but I like


Paul Charlton
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Cheers Swissracer,

Any Info on the NSR mosler
. I know Salvatore was at the show with one
, but not seen any pics..... as yet

regards Rollover

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Should've posted this a bit earlier but better late than never.

Out of all the brands listed in this thread the one I was strongly interested in was Revell and they disappointed me greatly this year.

Although I only really like 4 Revell cars. 2 I have (the Cobra and the Grand Sport) and 2 I don't (the E-Type No.16 and NSU TT Gulf Livery).

So arguably I only want to get 2 more cars that Revell make. But whether I like the cars or not or buy the cars or not it's the variety of cars which I like and this year Revell just don't deliver that.

Let's see what types of cars they brought out last year:

1. Jaguar E-Type.
2. Porsche 550.
3. NSU TT.
4. Shelby Mustang.
5. March.
6. BMW.
7. Lotus Cortina.

I may even have forgotten 1 or 2.

But anyway, what a great lot of cars.

Now if we compare that to this year's:

1. NSU TT.
2. Simca.
3. Trabant.
4. Rally Kits.
5. King Cobra Kit.
6. Porsche Kit.

Once again I may have forgotten some.

Although the amount is roughly the same I don't think the variety is as great and I do not like the cars that much. I don't plan (or want) to get any of the cars Revell put out this year.

Oh well. At least I've got lots of Scalextric cars I want.

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Must rob bank, so I can afford racer
. Just love that Porsche but then again you can get about 9 normal Slot cars for that.

Cheers Nick
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