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You know on the wallpaper we put "Size Matters"...

Can any of you come up with a few other slogans

Here are some ideas:

Integrali: It's not just for chrstmas
Integrali: It's as close as you'll ever get, carry on dreamin'
Integrali: a hammer doesnt always work, sometime you need to be careful
Integrali: remember it's not all about taking part, there's the banter too
Integrali: 1:32, you thought it is for kids, think again
Integrali: I wouldnt go THAT fast...
Doug: Size Matters and Quality Counts
Integrali: careful, he's on your tail.. now he ain;t
Integrali: It's more than what you think
Integrali: Join the club
Integrali: In general terms this is about toys
Integrali: at the end of the day it's only a toy
Integrali: enough or more?
Integrali: Just one more.. please?
Doug: Let our karma run over your dogma
Doug: Cover me. I'm changing lanes.
Integrali: coming thru boys..
Integrali: mind the red tipped rocket
Doug: So many slotcars, so little time.
Integrali: so much work, so many cars, lets go online again
Doug: Caution: I drive like you do
Integrali: It's good, just not THAT good
Integrali: yes, I tend enter quite quickly
Doug: Speed like lightning, crash like thunder
Integrali: careful now, you could have someones eye out with that
Integrali: are mine a little too far out the slot?

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"Sometimes it`s better to be a master of your silence rather than be a slave to your words!"


"It`s better to be quiet and let people assume you are a fool rather than speak and confirm this!"

Do not nick the Phoenix motto... `NEC ASPERRA TERRENT` latin for `neither hardships deter`

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"Go in smooth, come out hard!"

"You won't find a better size!"

"It's a rhythm thing...."

"You don't want to know my mantra..."

"I never go off early... "

"Endurance? Ohhh yeahh!!"

"Find the limit, then stay there!"

"Go over the edge, then bring it back, lap after lap..."

"I'm not sure what the mirrors are for..."

"I'll take the line, where will you be?"

"Always pushing the envelope..."

"Never satisfied with now..."

"Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing!"

"Second place is the first of the losers..."

"You're familiar - I guess I lapped you..."

"SF? No? Eat my dust!"
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