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Swiss and I have just returned from a whirlwind trip of England.

As I write this, after sleeping most of the day, Swiss will be getting back to Zurich.

We were able to meet up with the guys from Farnham and race on their track. We followed that up by a journey up country and a visit to Pendle Slot Racing shop in Colne. We raced in the evening at the Pendle Scalextric Club routed track. We then travelled down to Birmingham to meet the Getslotted team, followed by a visit to Maxi Models in Tingewick and then a visit and a race at the Oxford Scalextric Club in Ramsden.

Thanks to all who made us feel very welcome.

We'll post more detailed info and a few photos soon.
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DOh! - Only just saw this!

Wankel - No worries on the running off trick but did it HAVE to be BEFORE the track was put away!

I got my own back and signed it somewhere though

959 is OK funnily enough, all my cars are even though I risked them all on the track. Has my memory faded ? or was it always THAT bad ?

Jexy1 - we didn't have the race results to post and I forget them off hand, DO seem to remember doing OK at the start though
UNTIL I had to start using 'club' cars

Only kidding.. that was a tough track to get used to. Thanks for the hospitality!

Sean and Co - GREAT club track! I woulkd love to do a full feature on it...
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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