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SlotIt GpC at NLondon

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Hi all
It's the second round of this years new class, track clean from the weekend so we should have some decent racing.
Doors as always open at 7.30pm then pub before last orders.
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John: Thanks for the reminder but having raced all day Sunday then again last night I'll give this one a miss!

There's a bit of interest in F32s growing; I've seen them in slot boxes at the Ipswich Area 6 round and again at Southern 32 (different guys), and one of the Thursday night boys is talking about them too. Come to think of it here's the one spotted at Ipsich.

Luton SCC
P.S. Clearly C can and Palmer chassis but what's the body?

Hi Richard
Viewed from above it's difficult to tell but looks period original as does the chassis which is indeed a Palmer.
Trued and zapped your B can, don't think it was ever opened from new so plenty of meat on the com, it's an early one because it uses 16D brush gear!
Pick it up whenever you like.
Hi John,

I want to try and get down for one of these rounds. What time do you actually start racing?

Also, do you run standard guides and allow weight to be added?

Most welcome Fred, think most people are using the standard guide and weight is allowed.
Mr Carter won the first round with a car that he uses at Woodgreen, Ortman tyres and all!
We get going by approx 8.30/8.45 but if you let us know your coming then we can put you in the later heats which buys you some extra time.
Be nice to see you.
That F32 body....very unusual, don't remember it at all from the period, though it looks bang-on 1960s big banger. With its V8 in the back, maybe a rare odd CanAm car, something like a Matich or an Elfin, Honker 1 (I'm guessing)? Quality of the mould and engine detail, looks like a GT shell. Anyone got a better memory?
Best Rob
Rob: I could always ask the owner! It's one of Paul Austin's who you'll remember I imagine from your BSCRA days.

Luton SCC.
Results from last night's inaugural Group C evening:

First place went to Steve Carter by a couple of inches from Steve Kempson with John Secchi about a third of a lap down.
4th: Steve Francis
5th: John Dilworth
6th: John Crocker
7th: Allan Feldman

A night of getting to know the new class of cars and gaining some understanding of them in the varying track grip conditions. Next Group C night is scheduled for July 10th.

Thanks for the report, track changes during the evening and from week to week so as you say it's going to take time to find the right tyres and set up to work all conditions
Maybe the new tube light we fitted will make an improvement to the racing, shouldn't make it worse!
I think the new decor when we redecorate the room will make a world of difference too, John. Still thinking of Magnolia?
Magnolia is good, make a fantastic contrast with the lime green track repaint but still unsure about the new lane colours though!
Candy stripes, polka dots, paisley and snakeskin are the new lane colours we decided, correct?

Started masking your McLaren today. Nice car.
L. Group C cars running again this coming Wednesday.
Time for me to try and topple Steve Carter from his #1 perch ... for the third time of asking.

Sorry Steve can,t make it, having too much fun running 1/24 Scaleauto DTM cars on a big 8 lane routed monster track! sure I won,t be missed.
It won't be the same without you, John.
We'll try to struggle on in your absence.

We've had an expression of interest from a potential new visitor. We're still in the first year of running the Group Cs and anyone experienced in their set-up would be more than welcome as well. Lots of fun potential in these cars.

Team Martini Racing is ready to go tomorrow. Bring on that Steve Carter guy!

Hi All
Last club night of the year next Wednesday [18th], it's brought forward a week as it would have clashed with Xmas day.
We will be running SlotIt GpC and hope to do it on a clean track!
Doors open at 7.30, if member can try and get in a bit earlier than usual to lend a hand cleaning that would be good, Xmas drink at pub after.
Hi John. Just to say that I won't make it to NorLon as I hoped tonight but happy Christmas to all the Wednesday night boys and look forward to seeing plenty of brass and piano wire in 2014.

Sorry you couldn't make it Richard, hope you get to visit us during 2014.
Have blown out SlotIt GpC in this years calendar due to the poor state the track, to make better use of all the rubber we have replaced it with hard bodied 1/24 saloons, much more fun!
Happy new year to you and all at Luton.
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