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Pleased to hear you have some new slotit cars. I hear they run better with Steve's sponge tyre set up and with some added weight. I guess I need a picture of a set up chassis. That would help any new comer to see the difference between an out of the box and a racer prepared car. Steve can you bring your car over for us to look at and photograph? Maybe there is a new verb as photographs do not really exist any more. If anyone visits the Isle of Wight there is a photography museum, Dimbola lodge. Photos from 1870's remember to keep still!
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Hi Nic.
Yes they went well last night and three new car owners seemed very happy indeed.

Here's a photo of my first test car's chassis. The motor seems to have suffered from my previous abuse and will need replacing.

The standard cars straight out of the box were easy to drive with controllable oversteer but spun the wheels under acceleration and braking. Sponge tyres had very good grip and, if this is the way we choose to proceed with the cars, weight will definitely be needed up front to limit the understeer. We're right at the beginning of our learning curve with these cars at North London so nothing is set in stone as yet.

I'll bring my cars over when I next come to visit you.
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Sorry to but in on your club page, I have been using sponge tyres on my Slot.Its and NSR's for some time now. I have experimented with different types of sponge tyres and have found Alpha Supernaturals to be the best on our routed track. Some types give far too much grip, I also fitted TSRF guides by removing some of the front of the chassis, it did seem to help the handling. I run with the smallest amount of movement in the pod and body.
Not butting in at all, Tony.
I'm already thinking that harder sponge might be the way for us to go here. I've started with 12mm width for the rears but that might go down to 10mm or so with more testing.

We're aiming at something close to a box stock class with these cars and that will preclude fitting replacement guides. There's a national series for the Group C cars and I'm hoping to stay as close to their rules as we can and still have fun, drive-able slot cars.

Thanks for your input here.
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