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As a recent returnee to the wonderful world of Slot Cars can I say thank you for this forum and the excellent advice I've picked up from it.

I've got a Micro Scalextric and have been trying to use the "Slotman" track designer,
but my track isn't quite right and I think I may have the wrong figures for the corners.
Can anyone help me please ?

My settings,
Outer Diameter of tightest curve: 245
Hairpin - Radius 1 - Lane Spacing 36
90 degree curve - Radius 4 - Lane Spacing 36

(Thanks for the recommendations about the Carrera Lap Timer, lovely bit of kit !
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Looking at the way Slotman uses Radii I think all the curved track is expected to nest, as they do with Tomy where the hairpin fits snugly inside the 6", the 6" inside the 9" etc. The Micro Scalextric hairpin doesn't fit this formula, so I don't think you'll have much luck defining a hairpin and 9" bend in the same track system.

Can you create a second track system solely for the hairpin, as I think you can combine different track (so long as the lane separation matches) in a single layout? So the 9" bend would be radius be radius 1 in Micro Scalextric and the hairpin radius 1 in Micro Scalextric2?

Once you've sorted that try the Micro Scalextric obstacle track

I have to admit to using Ultimate Racer, where I have both hairpin and obstacle working
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Micro Scalextric has the same lane spacing as Tyco track, the main bends are 9" but the hairpin is an odd radius about 4 1/2 " I think.

As for the Carrera timer, it does weird things if you use Tomy cars on lap race mode but works fine with Tomy cars on time race mode, but it works absolutely fine in both modes with the following makes of car Micro Scalextric, Marchon, LifeLike, Aurora, Matchbox, Tyco.
Thanks guys, with a bit of fiddling on Slotman I've got the track down to only a 54mm gap.
Not good enough for the timing option, but near enough to save a lot of time when I want a new track.
Scrabbling around on the floor is not quite as much fun at 40 as it was when I was 7 !

I might try the 2 track system option when I have more time.
So disappointed that the official Scalextric track designer doesn't support Micro
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QUOTE (KevinHa @ 22 Apr 2010, 18:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>So disappointed that the official Scalextric track designer doesn't support Micro

There's plenty that do. Ultimate Racer is free, supports MS for one.

I'm forty and manage to get the cars off the floor. Although the kids have to get their own if they crash
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QUOTE (diesel @ 22 Apr 2010, 14:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have to admit to using Ultimate Racer, where I have both hairpin and obstacle working

I have tried Ultimate Racer and with the MARCHON set it's closer to working, but still not quite there !
What settings do you have for the hairpin and crossover?

Thanks for the help,
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These are the odd bits of track I've done.

The obstacle is awkward, so is a bit rough round the edges but works.

The hairpin isn't 100% accurate, as the lanes close up, but the overall dimensions are ok so it's good enough for layout designing.


[15" Crossover]
Name=15" Crossover


[15" Obstacle]
Name=15" Straight


[Hair pin]
Name=Hair pin
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I use another prog , which is out of production but I think I still have the passwords for it.

If you PM me KH I will see if I have the password and email it to you with a copy. The customising section works really well and may be just what you need. If not no harm done.
Thanks to you both.
I'll have another fiddle about when I have more time.

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