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SlotRace Manager freeware for all slot racers is getting a new release soon. For those that do not know SRM: this software runs on a cheap MS-DOS PC and reliably times all races with true 1/1000 second accuracy. Besides that, it has a lot of integrated managing screens to store and view all racers, slotcars, track(s), and realised track- and laptimes. Did I mention that it is FREEWARE?

Version 2.30 is being released in a few weeks and has the following new features:

- New Timing Screen for 1- and 2-lane track owners, with larger digits and more info on screen during timing,
- External Track Call button(s) connectible through parallel port,
- Single Race Lane Rotation: rotation system is now user definable,
- Single Race Report is more extensive and can now be printed,
- Scale Factor for speed recalculation introduced, is user definable,
- Deleting non-best times of car/driver combination is now user-definable ON/OFF,
- Deleting and manual adding of times in Race screen is more user friendly,
- Track Length is now in Feet when using USA setting (date, MPH, Feet),
- A specific Championship Mode can now be run and stored more than once a day, without having to delete the previous one,
- Championship Mode now allows you to skip heats and to race them in the most convenient way,
- Championship Mode now lets you view and print a report before, during or after a Championship,
- Championship Mode Report now also shows all heats: completed heats and upcoming heats,
- NEW Championship Mode #5: a lot of racers (especially 1 lane rally track owners) asked me for a total race time lap collection Mode, so: here it is!
- Bugfix: Best Lap that was already present (but for another date) could not be entered in the database,
- Bugfix: When restarting the timing with +<2> the race did not end and could not be aborted,
- Bugfix: Clock continued running when timed race was suspended,
- Lots of small things: clock while racing is now in minutes & seconds, minimum lap time of a track is now 0,1 second accurate, etc.

Check it out on: SlotRace Manager!
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