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As regular fans of SlotRallyGB will know we commissioned Teamslot to produce another limited edition car for us this year.

They are due to land at my office next week.

The cars are available to SlotRallyGB entrants ONLY and limited to 50.

The cars have been manufactured by Teamslot, not plain models decaled after market - they are tampo printed official Teamslot products and if you like RTR. The label on the box will be numbered.

They cost £41.50 and restricted to one per entrant.

The cars are only available to collect IN PERSON - I will not be posting them out to anyone (it's too much hassle, cost and last time i had one go missing). You can collect/pay for your car at any of the rounds and at Gaydon.

Please register your order on this thread. Include your full name (real name not SF name) and your SlotRallyGB membership number (on your card) and if you have a particular desire for a number (I can't guarantee you will get the number you want). I will hold back approx. 10 cars for those who plan to enter rounds later in the year. If any cars remain at the end of the championship they will be offered for sale to non-championship customers.

1. Gareth Jex
2. Steve Wright
3. Steve Morrow
4. Matt Tucker
5. John Underwood
6. Nick Hirst (63)
7. Phil Barry (43)
8. Chris Binley (23)
9. Joe Wright
10. Sean Fothersgill
11. Stephen Parry
12. Phil Field
13. Dave Capelan
14. Rob Mason (69)
15. Martin De'Ath
16. Adrian Leggett
17. Jon Grainger
18. Ryan Knealer
19. Jamie Coles
20. Keith Jenkins
21. Tony Squires
22. Neil Hirst (22)
23. Jim Moyes
24. Wayne Goble
25. Martyn John
26. Kane Tilley
27. Luke Tyrrell
28. Chris Lewis
29. Keith Clements
30. Steve Jones
31. Craig Jones
33. Chris Angold
39. Dave Lord
40 - 50. Held for later rounds/entrants.

Names shown in bold have paid and collected their car.

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Hi there Gareth..

Car is looking great..

I have sent you a PM..

All the best.. Martin.

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Hi Gareth

Please put me down for preferably number 46 but if they are reserved for later then number 33 if possible, thanks.

Is anybody able to bring ours to the IOM although most of those asking for one will be doing more rounds in the UK?


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