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Interesting post and quite the coincidence given a slot car running gear "makeover" that I just recently completed. I have owned a Carrera Ferrari P4 for some years now and would occasionally run it in our 1/24 class. But it really was an absolute dog! Not only was the motor and straight line performance anemic, the handling was poor. I did try improve it is a slot car by just re-motoring it but with scant success. All that did was to turn it into a slightly-faster-in-a-straight-line dog! It is, however, a gorgeous model, so I had two options: rework it somewhat radically to make it run decently or just accept it as a pretty model. I decided on the former option, but while doing that, I did some before and after photographs to document the process. And to me, these photographs really highlighted how very pretty the Carrera model is. I think it would not be a bad static model at all. A better static model than slot car as it comes out the box, that's for sure! 😄


Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Automotive design


Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Tire Vehicle Wheel Car Hood

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Now it runs beautifully, so it has been saved from a static display future!
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