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Slotting Plus Reynard magnet?

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I just purchased a load of Slotting Plus bits - Reynard bodyshells, Reynard chassis, parts etc etc, to make up a couple of Reynards, but I just noticed I don't have any magnets for them!
, the magnet doesn't come with the chassis or with the axle mount (the specially shaped magnet sits under the screw on axle mount moulding piece).

Do they sell these anywhere?, I doubt most of you guys don't use magnets so wouldn't be bothered anyway!
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No, we don't sell this little magnets sorry !
Frankly, only a very little minority of our customers use our Reynard with magnet because not really thought for ( so, the magnet is not strong and not made for beat lap records in magnets races !

However, we would like to thank you for your interest about our brand and so, PM me your complete adress in UK please in order to send you 2 or 3 magnets in a letter ...

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