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Small Car Proxy

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to check on roughly how many people are thinking of entering, so I can make some arrangements.

So if you have a car on the go, or are planning on building one, please register acknowledgement here. Add you car(s) and which class you aim on entering.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about see here: Small Car Proxy Post

Cheers guys,

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Hehe... you pimp Graham!


This will be the first of a couple of entries (I hope).
So far, I made a cocktail between a Ninco classic 356 Coupé Panamericana shell, an Artin chassis, a Fly guide and a few other bits, glued together what was falling apart, and within some hundred hours of testing the thingy will be ready to cross the channel. It won't be the cleanest car, nor the tinier.

PS: would a 908/3 be eligible in Sports ???
I'll build a Fiat 500(class 1). Still waiting for the bodyshell from Pendle !
My frickin rear bumper's come apart again. Other than that all's fine with the KdF. The camper, on the other hand...
Count me in with a Reprotec Fiat Abarth 1000....
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Just remembered that I have a Clio too. It was my entry in Pendle's hot hatch series.

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Are Grah & Diffs Mercs those ones that state 1:32 but are actually a fair bit smaller? Coz I've got a few kits like that I've picked up over the years which I can't feel any love for and wouldn't fret uncontrollably at the thought of someone "finding the limits" with it
I think there's a Merc 450SL, Celica Gp5, Mustang Gp5 and 60 and 84 Vettes. So they're bigger subject matter but the same size as a Clio or similar!

Perhaps I'd better show a comparison shot!

Tomorrow, if I can remember where they are!

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Not sure, but they are clockwork powered "kits" (come in about 4 pieces with a screwdriver).

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My Mini works!
And at a fair pace too. Just need to add some weight over the front to prevent it lifting under acceleration.

As for the Merc sports cars, I saw Graham's on Tuesday - looked rather well I thought, BUT it reminds me of a scary teacher that I would rather forget....

I may be wrong but it did look a bit narrow.


Diff, get that Clio sorted
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I'm out... totally gutted but my first attempt at resin has been an unmitigated disaster. Painting and gluing together, fettling weight and magnets - all of that I can do, but this whittling of resin has for the moment got me beat.

I would try and find something else to enter with but I've spent all my dosh for the next while.
Don't give up Driver...Whittling of resin is very therapeutic.......or so they say.


Hey there driver#8! No quitting - if it goes wrong there's little you can't fix with a touch of chip 'n dent filler!

QUOTE (James - Junior Racer @ 21 Oct 2004, 19:15)My Mini works!
And at a fair pace too.
Yes, saw it at Pendle on Tuesday. Awesome - it's as fast as it's wide!
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james remember 1/2 of this proxy will be held on plastic track mine is currently set up for that and will be silghtly different for the northern event as I intend to send an alturative rearaxle set up for andy to swap after the first race
Do you fancy coming down to help out with driving and organising Graham?

It'd be nice to see you down here and to be able to provide help with Proxy running because you've done it all before...

Mine is set up for plastic (obviously...) but I might have to play around with the gear ratios and tyres to find an optimum set up for each. I took it round round Eastcote last on Wednesday, complete sans paint and ... wow!

It was fast and handled great, and was only 6 tenths off of my (uber fast) Ninco BMW M3. And thats over a 12.5 second lap...

BTW, Driver: don't give up! What's gone wrong? I had problems with my resin body too. Drop me a PM for some free advice...

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let me know the date andy and Ill see , if my sons still down your way or left for down under
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