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SmartRace ESC Mode with Carrera Digital 132

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Has anyone used the ESC mode on SmartRace with a Carrera Digital set? When I select the button, I don't notice a speed limiter implemented as I understand it is designed to work.

I've reviewed the settings, slowed the ESC speed down to the slowest setting ( 0% ), and am aware that it will only affect the cars on the track at the time of starting VSC.

Anyone else have experience with it? Perhaps something I might be doing wrong?
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Do the cars you're using slow down appropriately when you reduce the speed setting, or are they fast no matter what the speed setting is?
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One of the cars slows down when I reduce the speed setting quite a bit, but 2 of the cars are noticeably faster. I got all 3 in the GT Triple Power set I recently purchased. I've been watching the related thread where people are discussing this speed difference issue as I suspect it's related.

perhaps that's the issue. I have an email into Carrera about it.
Do you notice differences between the cars when running normally, or when set at lower speed settings on the CU?

If you have a look at the bottom of the decoder (if you are comfortable doing that... bearing in mind warranty issues, not sure if opening the cars affects it) on one of the affected cars and have a look for the NCE30P30K FET, and also find that R1 is marked 332 then it will be one of the affected decoders. Later (seemingly fixed) decoders have R1 marked 152. Also the G-xxxx date of manufacture code can provide a clue.

If you don't want to open the car due to warranty reasons, then the date stamped in the bottom of the car might provide a relative clue but nothing concrete about whether they are affected cars unfortunately.

Hope you get on well with your enquiry with Carrera.
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I will check and report back. I also just realized I said ESC when I meant VSC for Virtual Safety Car. Sorry about that, I've been working on drones too much lately I guess.
Here was the response from Carrera, so seems like they're going hands off on this one. It really is a customer satisfaction issue as we're not talking 10% or 25% differences in speeds; we are talking extreme differences in speeds. I feel Carrera should own and address this.

Thank you for your email and after discussing your issue with our Technical Department, please note the following regarding the running of our cars.

We constantly adapt the equipment of our Carrera digital cars and decoders to technical progress and the latest electronic components and microchips on the market. Models from different production years and batches can have different speed profiles. Because of this and due to the different mechanical parameters of the different car types, Carrera digital cars may not always have the same preset basic speed.

We take suggestions from our customers and complaints very seriously and try to implement them promptly in the further development of our existing and future products within the technical possibilities set for us.

All delivered cars meet our strict quality guidelines. Different speed profiles for individual cars cannot be accepted as reason for claim.

The speed can be adjusted at any time using the setting options on the Carrera digital control unit.
I prefer not to open them up quite yet until I'm positive Carrera will not address this issue... but here are the date codes. Does that indicate anything meaningful?

Porsche 911 RSR (slower): 20030908

Ferrari 488 GT3 (faster): 20030868

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 (faster): 20030872
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