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I have been building track layouts with carrera go track for a few weeks now and have been placing it on a sheet of of 8'x4' chipboard,i am using 4 sets and can build some fast straights and lots of twisty sections in the middle (as i have about a 10000 curves)and is great fun.
I have just found a strip of MDF that is as long as 5 standard straights and have used a circular saw to cut the slot and taped it with copper for the power,the wood has a gentle bow to it (think bannana) and the height is about 5" in the middle.
I have cut in half a short straight of track and hot glued these to the mdf with the tape covering the rails and works really well and the smoothness is awesome compared to the plastic track and the car just power slide all the way along as the magnets have no effect.
My question is what is the best way to connect the copper tape to the track? as at the moment i am using 2 power tap both ends of the section to get good continuity,would folding the tape back on itself work and then laying it on the rails do any good?.
If i can iron out this bug then i might use more MDF sections with the plastic track such as crossovers/doughnut circles etc.
thanks for reading.
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I've taped Scalextric track and just tape over the ends of the connectors so the neighbouring bit of track touches the copper rather than the steel underneath - hope this makes sense.
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