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Anybody got any sensible suggestions for next years calendar? I'm not going to express any preferences because...well, you know the story
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CLASSIC - as it is with any car that an manufacturer has to offer
NSR PORSCHE - call it GT2/3 and use any GT3/GT2 car anyone has to offer.
SLOT IT ..... make it SUPER GT again so you can run whatever you want but no magnet motors
1/24 - BRM/SCALEAUTO any body, standard gearing and set up
if you run NINCO ... make the motor any boxer type motor
replace endurance race with a club class ..... the SCALEX NASCARS maybe ?
12 v sounds good .. agree with Phil .. keep 1/24 13.8v.
Hmmm yes .... NINCO track could be much longer given the space we have and also less dependant on the tyres.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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