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So how addicted are you...

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On average, how many cars do you buy each month?
Less than 11015.63%
1 or 22335.94%
3 to 61828.13%
7 to 1069.38%
More than 10 !!!710.94%
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How many cars do you buy is a matter of money. Some of us has more and some of use don't. How many hours you spend on and around your cars and track tells me a lot more about a real addiction to slot. Buying every month 10 cars in 1 hour is not an addiction to slot. Having fun every night for five hours with the same two cars looks more to a real addiction!

That's it I have to race............

Slot racing is life, everything between is just waiting. Sex can help to shorten the waiting time

1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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