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So how addicted are you...

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On average, how many cars do you buy each month?
Less than 11015.63%
1 or 22335.94%
3 to 61828.13%
7 to 1069.38%
More than 10 !!!710.94%
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Personally varies from month to month, some weeks purchase brand new cars, other weeks (especially when budgeting) specifically purchase second hand (cheap) cars or accessories.

On average 1-2 cars a week, however this amount often changes and usually dependednt on the time of year, swapmeets, holiday periods etc.

I think a strong indication of the level of interest can be measured by the amount of time spent carrying out any slotcar related stuff. Whether browsing, racing, reading & modelling etc - not just the amount of purchases alone.

The hobby is expensive & addictive collecting the latest products alone, it's best to avoid the classic stuff...

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The more posts the better.

I got back into this hobby about a year ago and... just counted cars from the last twelve months.

Blimey had a rough figure in my head, but the actual amount has exceeded it by a fair ol'bit.

I think the first few months is incredibly addicitve because of the overwhelming choice. Once the initial 'new/novelty' period is over, you can narrow down & be more selective in future purchases - well thats the plan...
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1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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