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So how addicted are you...

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On average, how many cars do you buy each month?
Less than 11015.63%
1 or 22335.94%
3 to 61828.13%
7 to 1069.38%
More than 10 !!!710.94%
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Nice one slotracoon

Seriously though it is down to money as Racebaan says when you first get addicted, but eventually I guess it comes down to space after a while as well. Over 50 new Scalextric cars this year alone that we know about if you collect them all, without anything from anyone else. Where are they all going to go?
I think we have started to see the effects of this space issue as more so called collections are starting to be thinned out to make room for new cars?, or so IMHO it appears on epay. I think Fly will suffer the most here, but this issue is being discussed in another thread.
The only problem I see here is for retailers, as this means there will have to be more discounted cars in the long run, where stock does not get shifted as the growth in the number of cars produced is outstripping the growth in this hobby I would say now. For those prepared to wait for the right moment this will mean we will probably end up buying more cars with our money and thus get more addicted. Result = even less space but maybe miss out on the odd car!
Anyway just my theory.

Addicted CB
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1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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