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So how addicted are you...

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On average, how many cars do you buy each month?
Less than 11015.63%
1 or 22335.94%
3 to 61828.13%
7 to 1069.38%
More than 10 !!!710.94%
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Well, there is absolutely no point to this....but when I look at all the new releases that I keep drooling over I'm just wondering how many cars ppl buy each month.....cos it seems to me the list of "wants" just keeps increasing and I can't catch up !
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QUOTE (Mecoprop @ 21 Jan 2004, 04:11 PM)A quick suggestion before it's too late, Muffin

Rejig the categories so no number is repeated in more than 1 category!
Oooops, well spotted.........tbh I started the thread in a rush as I was on my way out. I'm kinda getting more addicted by the day and I started the poll because I have a list of wants, as I get one it gets crossed off and new wants get added to the bottom.....................and at the moment I'm gonna need a bigger pad of paper

Anyway....if my 6 numbers come up I can cross em all off me list
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QUOTE (fast lucky @ 26 Jan 2004, 09:34 PM)I think more about slot cars than sex !
....but surely they're fairly similar..........

I mean they both involve a slot and pushing the right button!
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1 - 4 of 45 Posts
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