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So how addicted are you...

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On average, how many cars do you buy each month?
Less than 11015.63%
1 or 22335.94%
3 to 61828.13%
7 to 1069.38%
More than 10 !!!710.94%
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Hey mark got the answer down here at Phoenix. Got a sexy Mum racing with her lad on dads N Lads nite. Great as she has a lovely chassis and the attendance has gone up since she started racing
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Er... I think we'll stop there Johnny, I have too vivid an imagination!

QUOTE (fast lucky @ 26 Jan 2004, 09:34 PM)I think more about slot cars than sex !
....but surely they're fairly similar..........

I mean they both involve a slot and pushing the right button!
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you got a point, but I'm making no comments... it's too close to saturday

I'll let my drivin do the talkin

and it's kinda cold so I might be shrugging a bit more than usual!

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Let me put it this way...I have never been involved in the 1/32nd scale slot car racing before and in just a little over a year, I now have over 65 cars and this....

Need I say more?
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41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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