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Hi all. OK, so had to give it a go.
Came across 3 SYSTEMS. down at the local dump. Bought for a fiver and home we head.
Looking around and they all have 400W PSU's
Took one out and reading this guys efforts I now have our track at 12V 15 amp, per lane. with enough power outs to feed other things, LEDS, etc. I have not bothered with most of what he has done. used an 8Ohms, 50Watt power resistor, the 330Ohms resistor, red led, switch. and that's about it. Wires flapping about in the wind. As long as no one touches. They will be fine.
Cars not so manic now. just as fast on a full lap.
May take photos if anybody is interested.
Thanks for reading, OH, it's well worth it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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