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Hi all.
We have just made available the following sw upgrades

car: 2.02.
1 - lap counter bugfix - lap number was sometimes not sent back properly on all frequencies with sw 2.01
2 - short braking applied upon pit lane entry, to quickly slow car down to pitlane speed. Good for short pitlanes.
3 - internal change in preparation of enabling track 2 feature
4 - merge of SSD and hybrid SSD: old 'pure SSD' remains such for cars 1-6, 'hybrid' mode is applied on cars 7-20 1 - 6: no change, they work like SSD 1-6 7 - 20: lane changing compatible with SSD LC and O2 selective lane changing. They need the finish line magnet.
5 - More features in the code which will be explained as soon as we have a new bootloader to enable them.
2.02 will most likely be the same code which will go into the 'small' chip.

dongle: 2.01
1 - if a controller is reset, a lap time of 0:00:00 is sent to the RMS.

For your convenience, dongle sw 9.22 is available for easier reflash of car code. The 9.22 can only be used to reflash a car or ctrl from v. 2.x to 2.x. Reload v. 2.01 in the dongle afterward.

Car and dongle sw are available inside the 'firmware' archive' on our site.: or

Chrono RMS 0.032:
1 - a few bugs fixed
2 - team background colour setting
3 - external phidget relay driver for starting lights.
4 - blue background colour for lap times above max threshold
5 - red background colour and warning sound for lap times below min threshold
6 - if used in conjunction with dongle 2.01, a warning sound is played and coloured orange background is added to the latest time (0:00:00) for said controller. Please refer to the manual for an explanation of the importance of this warning. This is one of the most important new features.
7 - single backup file for the race
8 - background colour of the car# changes to green when car is on track, red, when car is in pitlane, white, when car is off. Very useful for race directors, to understand what is going on.
Please refer to the Chrono manual.

All versions are compatible with existing 2.x sw.
However, point 6 of Chrono RMS 0.032 is only available with dongle version 2.01.

Remove the previous Chrono version from your HD before installation!

Currently, the PC bootloader version 0.07 still reports 'hybrid' mode. We'll upload version 0.08 next monday. For the impatient, use 0.0.7 and click on SSD or 'oXigen' only.


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Sorry to have caused you some trouble, but at least the procedure went well, right?
The reason we suggest to use the '9' series for reflashing is that for some reason that has got to do with USB ports, the 'standard' dongle sw does not enter bootloading procedure properly every time. Hence, the '9' series, whose only purpose is bootloading, but must be replaced afterwards. It's a bit awkward but works, while we find a solution...
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