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In July 2011 a historic race revival has been held at the Solitude track close to Stuttgart, the hometown of Porsches and Mercedes.
A group of race addicted film and TV professionals around producing director Hans Gmeiner
have made a film where they are showing what usual documentaries don´t show -
pictures and sound of historic race cars at race speed, from race fans for race fans.
Especially with in and onboard cameras to give a feeling for the speed and passion.
They 24 member crew has used 42 cameras at all, 25 cameras which have been used in or mounted at the cars.
They were shooting for three days and the whole editing needed more than half a year.
The project was supported by the Porsche museum and the crew was allowed to use their cars for their needs.

Feedback is very welcome.

Link to the Solitude Revival film:

Link to their youtube channel:
Link to facebook page with more information and photos of the shooting:

Mail for communication: [email protected]

Clicks and Feedback is very welcome !
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